Never Sell Alone: Get Expert M&A Advice and Intuitive Tools to Maximize Your Exit

Wondering what you get in return for the listing fee? Put simply, you get everything you need to sell. Not just a marketplace with over 400k buyers, but also an M&A advisory, world-class success team, and acquisition tools that simplify and streamline every stage of the process from offers to closing. 

In the past four years, we’ve invested in growing our team to help you get Acquire’d. Professional advice for which you’d sacrifice a big chunk of your purchase price is now included as standard. Need help evaluating a letter of intent? Someone to coach you through due diligence? We’ve got your back. 

You also unlock acquisition marketing across email, social media, newsletters, and more. You’re competing with thousands of other quality listings for buyer attention, so you must work hard to stand out. Our M&A team helps you do that by optimizing your listing and sharing it with matching buyers. 

We’ve seen what can happen when founders sell alone. They either lose out to an experienced buyer or pay for expensive help. Now, with the introduction of the listing fee, you get a dedicated expert to navigate the process, maximize your exit, and avoid the common pitfalls that trip up most founders. 

Your Secret Weapon: Team

You’ll work with our M&A team throughout your acquisition. With knowledge accumulated over 1,000s of closed deals, we’ll help you prepare for exit, establish the right mindset, craft the ideal listing, and market it to the most qualified buyers. We’ll guide you through negotiations, due diligence, and escrow. Yes, you’ll need to talk to us and invest time and energy. But you’ll never be alone in the process.

You already know what’s at stake here. Getting Acquire’d could mean lifelong financial security or the freedom to pursue a new venture, spend time with family, or care for loved ones. You’re literally changing your life – turning your exit into a better future. Not just for you, but also for your cofounders, teams, investors, family, friends…the list goes on. The pressure to maximize your exit can be immense. 

And that’s where our acquisition experts step in to guide you through complexity and support you emotionally, empowering you to achieve your goals. This is a big shift from how you’d sell on in the past. We’re basically assigning you an M&A team to guide your exit. Think of the impact on your purchase price, terms, and post-acquisition plans. The listing fee easily pays for itself. 

We built the marketplace to offer you the highest quality buyers, the most efficient acquisition tools, and the expert guidance you need to sell large, complex businesses. Forget the hassle of juggling your business while managing the acquisition process. Lean on us to help you formulate and execute an acquisition plan while you continue doing what you do best – running your business. 

We promise you won’t regret it.

What’s Included in Your Listing (and Closing) Fee?

The Biggest Buyer Pool on the Planet

Our buyer pool is one of the biggest and most diverse on the planet. We connect you with over 400k SaaS acquirers, ranging from individuals to PE and investor groups. Only serious buyers make serious offers, so we vet and qualify every buyer and verify their acquisition funds. No time-wasters allowed. 

M&A Advisory

Selling a profitable SaaS with over $100k TTM revenue? We’ll assign you an in-house M&A advisor as part of your exit plan. Large acquisitions need a strong hand on the tiller, and your advisor will support you through marketing, evaluating offers, negotiations, and closing. If something goes wrong, and most deals involve a blip or two, your advisor will steel your nerves while you work together to fix the issue.

Acquisition Success Team

Supporting our M&A advisory, our acquisition experts apply years of marketplace experience to help you draft a listing that maximizes buyer interest while accomplishing your goals. They’ll prepare you for buyer inquiries, give tips for attracting more offers, and be your “agony aunt” until the cash hits your bank account. They’re a super-friendly bunch with proven talent for seeing deals over the finish line.

Omnichannel Marketing

To maximize exposure for your business, we share your listing in general and targeted newsletters, instantly notify buyers with matching criteria, and publish your listing on social media. Whatever your ideal buyer profile, we guarantee to find them with an expansive reach few marketplaces can deliver. 

Easy Acquisition Tools

Our tools and legal document builders (LOI, APA, and NDA) can help you close all but the most complex of deals quickly and easily. Buyers can make offers in minutes while allowing you to compare deals, propose new terms, and accept the offer you like most, securely, all on-platform.

Trusted Escrow Partners

We’ve partnered with a range of escrow providers to help you close safely and for free. The closing stages of your acquisition are delivered in plain English, with clear instructions of what you need to. With support for post-closing payments, you can safely close even the most complex deal structures. And if isn’t right for you? Just let us know and we’ll arrange another escrow service for free.

World-Class Support 

Day and night, our support team is here for you. Need a legal template? An acquisition course? Or just want to report a bug or ask a question about acquisitions? Email, phone, or DM and we’ll get back to you – usually in an hour or two.

Who Pays the Listing Fee?

New pricing applies to all listings submitted after 4/17/2024. For existing live listings, please refer to the details below. 

If your listing is live and you’re not exempt from the closing fee

You won’t pay a monthly listing fee on your current listing. Only a closing fee when you sell. You don’t need to do anything, your account will stay active, and your listing will stay live.

If your listing is live and you are exempt from the closing fee

You’ll need to pay the monthly listing fee plus a closing fee from 5/17/2024. That’s a 30-day grace period in addition to your nine months on the free plan. Sell before that date and you pay nothing. (Get expert help to sell)

You haven’t submitted a listing yet

Submit your listing before 4/17/2024, and we’ll waive the monthly listing fee when you go live. Otherwise you’ll pay both the monthly listing fee and a closing fee after that date.

How Much Is the Listing Fee?

The monthly listing and closing fees vary depending on your asking price. Please see the table below or visit our pricing page after 4/17/2024 for the fees that will apply to your business. Depending on your listing status, you may need to enter a payment method after the new pricing takes effect.

Over $1M asking price$250-$1M asking price< $250k asking price4% closing fee
$100 per month listing fee5% closing fee
$50 per month listing fee*6% closing fee
$25 per month listing fee*


How do I pay the listing fee?

First, add a payment method to your account. Every month, you’ll pay the monthly listing fee until you get Acquire’d or permanently unlist. In return, you get access to a global buyer network of 400k, easy to use acquisition tools, plus expert support from our in-house M&A team. 

I was exempt from the closing fee – do I need to pay the listing fee?

Yes, with this update, you’ll need to pay the monthly listing fee plus the closing fee (paid only if you sell). It’s been nine months since our last pricing change so it’s likely you’ll need the extra help and services to sell that the listing fee enables us to provide.

Why are you introducing a closing fee now?

To help you get Acquire’d. It’s not enough to simply list and hope the right buyer finds you who then makes the perfect offer. You need to prepare acquisition documents, create a killer listing, market your startup to 100,000s of buyers, and field inquiries from tens or even hundreds of potential acquirers.

All that work takes a lot out of a founder and we’ve built an acquisition success team to be your star player during your acquisition. Our services help you attract more interest, maximize your exit, and stay stress-free during this high-stakes process that relies on a team to win.

My listing is already live – do I pay the listing fee?

No, you’re exempt from the monthly listing fee if you’re startup is already live on the marketplace. You’ll still need to pay the closing fee, and both fees on any new startups you submit to the marketplace.

The content on this site is not intended to provide legal, financial or M&A advice. It is for information purposes only, and any links provided are for your convenience. Please seek the services of an M&A professional before entering into any M&A transaction. It is not Acquire’s intention to solicit or interfere with any established relationship you may have with any M&A professional.

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